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Stella Grace Tonsor March 24, 2010

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A few more maternity photos March 17, 2010

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Thank you again, Cole and Summer!  I’m touched by your gift!

Thank you to my sweet husband for posing with me on these!

Oh, so wistful!  🙂


T Minus 13 days….. March 16, 2010

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Until this baby girl is due!  I just love the “T Minus”, though, I have no idea where it comes from.  NASA?

Anyway, not feeling much different, except sleeping is getting a bit more difficult with multiple trips to the bathroom.  The doctor says that she has dropped super low which could trigger labor any day now.  I don’t feel a lot different, except I can feel her low as well as her hiccupping in a strange location…not even going there right now.

Getting excited – it’s a little weird to wake up every morning and head to work wondering if today will be the day.  I tend to think she will come a week early.  I used to think she would come on her due date or the next day…I go back and forth.  I have another appointment this Thursday, so I’m curious to see what the progress is.  I think it finally hit me today what’s about to happen.  Better now than later.  Maybe it was watching “Kendra” last night.  I hate that I watch that show, but once she got pregnant, I couldn’t stop watching.

The pics are by our dear friends Summer and Cole.  They are amazing photographers and fun to boot!  Nothing like drinking beers and hitting the lake with these guys.  I miss that!  Okay, back to mom talk, I thought it would be nice to have for our Baby Girl to look back on when she was in the belly.


28 Weeks…… January 2, 2010

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It’s been a while since I last posted.  My belly is getting bigger and work was pretty stressful trying to meet several deadlines before the holidays.  Baby girl is now this big:

I can’t believe I am now in the third trimester.  Yes, everyone says it will go fast, but during the 2nd trimester, you don’t really believe it.  We’re really gearing up for our little girl coming in about 3 months.  Dennis has been working on painting the nursery two shades of purple.  It looks awesome!  Photos to come soon.  I feel the need to start getting the essentials and I also want to spend as much quality time with Dennis as I can.  We slept in this morning, went and had breakfast and then went back to bed.  It was awesome!


Breastfeeding….and the Boppy versus the Brestfriend December 16, 2009

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So, I thought I’d check out a Breastfeeding 101 class at Babies R Us for the following reasons:

1.  It was free

2.  I didn’t know much about breastfeeding

3.  I thought I should go while I still had the energy

4.  Maybe I’d get some free stuff.

Needless to say, I was the only person there, which at first was like, oh great.  But then, I figured well, I’ll get some personal attention.  So after the video and an informational session on the Medela equipment family, I asked a lot of questions and grabbed a lot of free samples.

I never knew there was so much about breastfeeding and am glad I went.  We’ll be taking a full course at our hospital in February, but I figure I can’t have too much information.

One question for all those mothers out there:  Boppy or Brestfriend?  I’d seen all my friends register for the Boppy pillow, but the video showed the mom with the Brestfriend.  It’s a lot more structured and I’m just wondering what the moms out there prefer?

And on a funny note:  I was getting ready for our Christmas parties (which happened to be on the same night) and had a moment…..I remembered getting ready for other parties while sipping on a cocktail and listening to Tool.  Now, I was stretching on maternity pantyhose and trying to determine if my boobs are even going to get bigger and if my belly button will pop out.  Just before I had been watching the food network and listening to Christmas music.  Wow – my life has changed.  The only tool I’m thinking about now is a breast pump.  🙂


News! November 7, 2009

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You may be meeting someone who looks like this little lady in the upcoming future….

Toddler Charlotte

We’re having a baby girl!!!!!!

Still due in late March!!!

We couldn’t be happier!

And, that’s little Charlotte, by the way…. 🙂


Questions…. October 13, 2009

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Ok – somehow I’ve lost my will to post.  I wonder what my mind has been on lately?  Let’s see:

where am I going to buy maternity pants?

what color are we going to paint the nursery?

are my thighs really rubbing together?

do you think my boobs will stop growing now?  lord knows I don’t need any more.

will I be able to eat chicken again?

are those really lots of gray hairs in my part?

what does butt paste do, actually?

does it make sense to spend $700 on a glider chair and ottoman when it feels as good as chocolate tastes?

what size is Baby T this week?